Swamp MTG Card

Swamps provide essential black mana, crucial for many powerful spells and essential deck functions. Limitations include vulnerability to discard effects and color-specific mana restrictions. Include Swamps for versatility and their synergy in black mana-reliant strategies and combos.
Card setsReleased in 111 setsSee all
TypeBasic Land — Swamp

Text of card

Tap to add o B to your mana pool.

Cards like Swamp

Within the land cards of Magic: The Gathering, Swamp plays a fundamental role as the primary source of black mana, vital for casting a variety of spells. When compared to other basic lands such as Island or Forest, Swamp taps for black mana, which is essential for strategies revolving around death, decay, and power at any cost. On the same token, cards like Polluted Delta, an advanced land, can search for a Swamp from the deck, but at the cost of 1 life, offering deck thinning and mana fixing at a small price.

Furthermore, dual lands such as Bloodstained Mire can also provide black mana in addition to another type, adding versatility but entering the battlefield tapped unless you pay a life. Similarly, Temple of Malady offers black mana while enabling you to scry upon entry, contributing to card selection but at the delay of being a tapped land. In a different league, the Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth land card turns all lands into Swamps in addition to their other types, magnifying the reach of black mana but without the simplicity of a basic Swamp.

It is evident that while there are numerous options for tapping into black mana, the uncomplicated and dependable nature of the Swamp makes it a staple in decks looking to harness the power of darkness in Magic: The Gathering.

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Decks using this card

MTG decks using Swamp. Dig deeper into the strategy of decks, sideboard cards, list ideas and export to play in ARENA or MOL.

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Four-Color LegendsFour-Color Legends Standard4c LegendsPro Tour Thunder Junction
Dimir MidrangeDimir Midrange StandardDimir MidrangePro Tour Thunder Junction
Dimir ControlDimir Control StandardDimir ControlPro Tour Thunder Junction

Card Pros

Card Advantage: Swamps enable smoother gameplay by ensuring you have the necessary mana to cast various spells, maintaining a steady stream of resources.

Resource Acceleration: As a basic land card, Swamps are essential for fueling black mana-intensive decks quickly and efficiently, which can be pivotal for executing strategies ahead of your opponents.

Instant Speed: Although Swamps themselves do not function at instant speed, having them available ensures you can activate abilities or cast spells that do operate at instant speed, providing strategic flexibility during any point of the match.

Card Cons

Discard Requirement: Swamp cards in your hand can become a liability if a spell or ability forces you to discard. This can upset your strategic plans, especially when holding multiple lands with the hope of drawing into more dynamic plays.

Specific Mana Cost: Swamps provide black mana, which is necessary for casting spells within that color’s pie. However, this specificity can be limiting in multicolored decks that require a balance of different mana types to function efficiently.

Comparatively High Mana Cost: Although not directly applicable to Swamps themselves, spells requiring a heavy black mana investment might be costly. This can slow down your gameplay if you’re unable to generate enough black mana quickly or if your Swamps are subject to land destruction or are tapped by opponent strategies.

Reasons to Include in Your Collection

Versatility: Swamp cards serve as a foundational building block in decks, providing the necessary mana for a wide range of strategies. Their basic land status ensures they can be included in any number without affecting the deck’s consistency.

Combo Potential: Swamps synergize with numerous cards that feed off black mana or require a certain threshold of Swamps on the battlefield, opening up diverse and powerful combinations.

Meta-Relevance: A staple in black-based decks, Swamps secure their place within the metagame, as they enable the casting of powerful spells that dominate in both creature-heavy and control environments.

How to beat

The Swamp card types are a staple in Magic: The Gathering, serving as the basic land for black mana generation. They are prevalent in many decks, fueling a range of powerful spells and abilities. To tactically outplay opponents utilizing Swamps, consider land disruption strategies. Cards like Blood Moon transform non-basic lands into Mountains, which can deactivate the advantages of certain Swamp-dependent cards. Moreover, Ghost Quarter can target specific lands, potentially removing crucial Swamps from play.

Strategically managing your own lands and resources can also mitigate the strength of Swamps. Employing cards that allow you to search for basic lands, like Terramorphic Expanse, can ensure your mana base is not only versatile but can also keep pace with a Swamp-heavy opponent. Additionally, spells that grant life gain or direct damage can help maintain your footing in a game where Swamps are powering ominous threats. By prioritizing land stabilization and disruption, alongside maintaining pressure, players can effectively counteract the dominance of Swamp-based MTG decks.

Ultimately, being proactive in anticipating Swamp-fueled strategies and incorporating countermeasures into your deck can turn the tide, keeping you a step ahead in the ever-evolving game of Magic: The Gathering.

Where to buy

If you're looking to purchase Swamp MTG card by a specific set like Limited Edition Alpha and Limited Edition Beta, there are several reliable options to consider. One of the primary sources is your local game store, where you can often find booster packs, individual cards, and preconstructed decks from current and some past sets. They often offer the added benefit of a community where you can trade with other players.

For a broader inventory, particularly of older sets, online marketplaces like TCGPlayer, Card Kingdom and Card Market offer extensive selections and allow you to search for cards from specific sets. Larger e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon also have listings from various sellers, which can be a good place to look for sealed product and rare finds.

Additionally, Magic’s official site often has a store locator and retailer lists for finding Wizards of the Coast licensed products. Remember to check for authenticity and the condition of the cards when purchasing, especially from individual sellers on larger marketplaces.

Below is a list of some store websites where you can buy the Swamp and other MTG cards:

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The Swamp Magic the Gathering card was released in 75 different sets between 1993-08-05 and 2024-07-05. Illustrated by 56 different artists.

11993-08-05Limited Edition AlphaLEA 2911993NormalBlackDan Frazier
21993-10-04Limited Edition BetaLEB 2941993NormalBlackDan Frazier
31993-12-10Intl. Collectors' EditionCEI 2951993NormalBlackDan Frazier
41993-12-10Intl. Collectors' EditionCEI 2961993NormalBlackDan Frazier
51994-06-21Summer Magic / EdgarSUM 2981993NormalWhiteDan Frazier
61995-04-01Fourth Edition4ED 3711993NormalWhiteDan Frazier
71996-12-31Introductory Two-Player SetITP 611993NormalWhiteDan Frazier
81997-10-14TempestTMP 3421997NormalBlackBrom
91998-08-12World Championship Decks 1998WC98 bs3401997NormalGoldBrom
101999-04-21Classic Sixth Edition6ED 3421997NormalWhiteRomas Kukalis
112000-02-05European Land ProgramPELP 151997NormalBlackMike Ploog
122001-04-11Seventh Edition7ED 349★1997NormalBlackTony Szczudlo
132001-04-11Seventh Edition7ED 3481997NormalWhiteLarry Elmore
142001-04-11Seventh Edition7ED 3491997NormalWhiteTony Szczudlo
152001-08-08World Championship Decks 2001WC01 tvdl3421997NormalGoldRon Spencer
162002-06-24Magic Online PromosPRM 818582015NormalBlackRavenna Tran
172002-06-24Magic Online PromosPRM 818622015NormalBlackAdam Paquette
182002-06-24Magic Online PromosPRM 2751997NormalBlackKev Walker
192002-10-07OnslaughtONS 3421997NormalBlackPete Venters
202003-07-28Eighth Edition8ED 3392003NormalWhiteBob Eggleton
212003-10-02MirrodinMRD 2952003NormalBlackMark Tedin
222004-10-01Champions of KamigawaCHK 2972003NormalBlackJim Nelson
232004-10-01Champions of KamigawaCHK 2962003NormalBlackJim Nelson
242005-01-01Magic Premiere Shop 2005PMPS 2982003NormalBlackRichard Wright
252005-07-29Ninth Edition9ED 3422003NormalWhiteLarry Elmore
262005-08-22Salvat 2005PSAL F222003NormalWhiteLarry Elmore
272005-08-22Salvat 2005PSAL D342003NormalWhiteJohn Avon
282005-08-22Salvat 2005PSAL D462003NormalWhiteJohn Avon
292005-08-22Salvat 2005PSAL A562003NormalWhiteLarry Elmore
302005-08-22Salvat 2005PSAL A462003NormalWhiteBob Eggleton
312005-08-22Salvat 2005PSAL F352003NormalWhiteJohn Avon
322005-08-22Salvat 2005PSAL D562003NormalWhiteDan Frazier
332005-08-22Salvat 2005PSAL E222003NormalWhiteDan Frazier
342006-01-01Hachette UKPHUK 202003NormalWhiteDan Frazier
352006-01-01Hachette UKPHUK 322003NormalWhiteJohn Avon
362006-01-01Hachette UKPHUK 592003NormalWhiteJohn Avon
372006-07-21Coldsnap Theme DecksCST 3752003NormalBlackDouglas Shuler
382006-10-06Time SpiralTSP 2922003NormalBlackCraig Mullins
392006-10-06Time SpiralTSP 2932003NormalBlackRichard Wright
402007-02-24Grand Prix PromosPGPX 2018c2015NormalBlackDonato Giancola
412007-10-12LorwynLRW 2902003NormalBlackFred Fields
422009-09-07Masters Edition IIIME3 2231997NormalBlackWang Chuxiong
432010-01-01Magic Premiere Shop 2010PMPS10 32003NormalBlackJohn Avon
442010-03-19Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. the CoalitionDDE 322003NormalBlackRob Alexander
452010-06-18ArchenemyARC 1422003NormalBlackSusan Van Camp
462010-06-18ArchenemyARC 1442003NormalBlackSusan Van Camp
472010-11-08Magic Online Theme DecksTD0 A1481997NormalBlackWang Chuxiong
482011-05-13New PhyrexiaNPH 1712003NormalBlackLars Grant-West
492011-06-17Commander 2011CMD 3082003NormalBlackJung Park
502012-05-04Avacyn RestoredAVR 2362003NormalBlackJames Paick
512012-05-04Avacyn RestoredAVR 2372003NormalBlackAdam Paquette
522012-07-13Magic 2013M13 2402003NormalBlackCliff Childs
532012-10-05Return to RavnicaRTR 2622003NormalBlackAdam Paquette
542014-03-14Duel Decks: Jace vs. VraskaDDM 812003NormalBlackAdam Paquette
552014-07-18Magic 2015M15 2582015NormalBlackJohn Avon
562014-09-26Khans of TarkirKTK 2592015NormalBlackSam Burley
572014-11-07Commander 2014C14 3282015NormalBlackJung Park
582014-11-07Commander 2014C14 3262015NormalBlackJohn Avon
592015-03-27Dragons of TarkirDTK 2582015NormalBlackAdam Paquette
602015-05-06Tempest RemasteredTPR 2582015NormalBlackBrom
612015-07-17Magic OriginsORI 2632015NormalBlackJames Paick
622015-07-17Magic OriginsORI 2622015NormalBlackDan Frazier
632015-10-02Battle for ZendikarBFZ 2612015NormalBlackSam Burley
642016-04-08Shadows over InnistradSOI 2892015NormalBlackJonas De Ro
652016-09-30KaladeshKLD 2582015NormalBlackAdam Paquette
662016-11-11Commander 2016C16 3442015NormalBlackMark Poole
672016-11-25Planechase AnthologyPCA 1442015NormalBlackJim Nelson
682017-04-28AmonkhetAKH 2612015NormalBlackSteven Belledin
692017-06-09Commander AnthologyCMA 2972015NormalBlackJohn Avon
702017-06-09Commander AnthologyCMA 2982015NormalBlackCliff Childs
712017-06-09Commander AnthologyCMA 3002015NormalBlackDan Frazier
722018-04-27DominariaDOM 2582015NormalBlackJonas De Ro
732018-04-27DominariaDOM 2592015NormalBlackTitus Lunter
742018-06-08Commander Anthology Volume IICM2 2932015NormalBlackDan Frazier
752018-07-14MTG Arena PromosPANA 2232015NormalBlackVéronique Meignaud
762018-07-14MTG Arena PromosPANA 2642015NormalBlackJonas De Ro
772018-07-14MTG Arena PromosPANA 2382015NormalBlackLucas Graciano
782018-08-09Commander 2018C18 2992015NormalBlackAleksi Briclot
792018-11-02GRN Guild KitGK1 752015NormalBlackFlorian de Gesincourt
802018-11-09GRN Ravnica WeekendPRWK A022015NormalBlackNoah Bradley
812018-11-16Game NightGNT 642015NormalBlackJung Park
822019-05-03War of the SparkWAR 2562015NormalBlackTitus Lunter
832019-07-12Core Set 2020M20 2712015NormalBlackJonas De Ro
842019-12-02Secret Lair DropSLD 1192015NormalBlackSeb McKinnon
852019-12-02Secret Lair DropSLD 11921997NormalBlackRon Spears & Post Malone
862019-12-02Secret Lair DropSLD 5582015NormalBlackLucas Graciano
872019-12-02Secret Lair DropSLD 4172015NormalBorderlessBen Schnuck
882020-01-24Theros Beyond DeathTHB 2822015NormalBlackSam Burley
892020-07-03Core Set 2021M21 2672015NormalBlackCliff Childs
902020-07-03Core Set 2021M21 2662015NormalBlackMike Bierek
912020-07-17JumpstartJMP 562015NormalBlackLucas Graciano
922020-07-17JumpstartJMP 572015NormalBlackTitus Lunter
932020-08-13Amonkhet RemasteredAKR 3352015NormalBlackClint Cearley
942020-08-13Amonkhet RemasteredAKR 3362015NormalBlackMark Zug
952020-09-25Zendikar RisingZNR 2722015NormalBlackSam Burley
962021-07-23Adventures in the Forgotten RealmsAFR 2702015NormalBlackPiotr Dura
972021-07-23Adventures in the Forgotten RealmsAFR 2732015NormalBlackAdam Paquette
982021-07-23Adventures in the Forgotten RealmsAFR 2712015NormalBlackSarah Finnigan
992021-09-24Innistrad: Midnight HuntMID 2722015NormalBlackAlayna Danner
1002022-04-29Streets of New CapennaSNC 2662015NormalBlackChristian Dimitrov
1012022-06-10Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's GateCLB 4602015NormalBlackLogan Feliciano
1022022-06-10Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's GateCLB 4622015NormalBlackSam White
1032022-10-07Warhammer 40,000 Commander40K 310★2015NormalBlackJB Casacop
1042022-11-18The Brothers' War CommanderBRC 331997NormalBlackSam Burley
1052023-01-13Dominaria RemasteredDMR 4071997NormalBlackRomas Kukalis
1062023-08-04Commander MastersCMM 4451997NormalBlackMark Poole
1072023-08-04Commander MastersCMM 4431997NormalBlackAlayna Danner
1082023-09-08Wilds of EldraineWOE 2642015NormalBlackHari & Deepti
1092024-06-14Modern Horizons 3MH3 5012015NormalBlackDavid Álvarez
1102024-06-14Modern Horizons 3MH3 3062015NormalBlackYohann Schepacz
1112024-07-05Assassin's CreedACR 1062015NormalBlackWangjie Li


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