Snapcaster Mage MTG Card

Snapcaster Mage excels in granting spells from the graveyard a second chance at play, maximizing resource use. Its ability to act at instant speed allows players to respond to opponents’ strategies with graveyard spells. Demands strategic deck building to balance mana costs and ensure a stocked graveyard for optimal play.
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Mana cost
Converted mana cost2
TypeCreature — Human Wizard
Abilities Flash
Power 2
Toughness 1

Text of card

Flash When Snapcaster Mage enters the battlefield, target instant or sorcery card in your graveyard gains flashback until end of turn. The flashback cost is equal to its mana cost. (You may cast that card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Cards like Snapcaster Mage

Snapcaster Mage is a standout figure in the realm of utility creatures in Magic: The Gathering. Its ability to grant an instant or sorcery in the graveyard flashback until the end of the turn elevates it to an esteemed position. A comparative discussion would not be complete without mentioning Torrential Gearhulk. Both cards facilitate a second use of spells from the graveyard but Gearhulk focuses on instants and brings a hefty body to the field.

Analogous in function but distinct in application is Mission Briefing. This card doesn’t provide a body on the field, yet it offers surveil to set up the graveyard before granting flashback. It aligns more closely with Snapcaster Mage’s mana value, making it a versatile alternative. Eternal Witness also deserves mention. Though not a mage, it retrieves any card from the graveyard to hand, offering a broader range of targets, albeit at a slower sorcery speed.

Ultimately, Snapcaster Mage shines at providing immediate tempo and strategic depth. While the alternatives each add different strategic dimensions, Snapcaster Mage’s unique fusion of timing, efficiency, and battlefield presence keeps it in a venerated spot among recurring spell enablers in Magic: The Gathering.

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Torrential Gearhulk - MTG Card versions
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Decks using this card

MTG decks using Snapcaster Mage. Dig deeper into the strategy of decks, sideboard cards, list ideas and export to play in ARENA or MOL.

Lurrus SagaLurrus Saga VintageLurrus SagaVintage Challenge 32 2024-04-21
Grixis ControlGrixis Control ModernGrixis ControlModern League 2024-04-21
Dimir ControlDimir Control LegacyDimir ControlLegacy Challenge 32 2024-04-24
Esper ReanimatorEsper Reanimator ModernEsper ReanimatorModern Preliminary 2024-04-21
Temur ControlTemur Control ModernTemur ControlModern Challenge 32 2024-04-23
Izzet ControlIzzet Control ModernBlue-Red ControlModern Preliminary 2024-04-23 (1)
WUBWUB LegacyLegacy Showcase Challenge 2024-04-21
Turbo VaultTurbo Vault VintageTurbo VaultVintage Challenge 32 2024-04-21

Card Pros

Card Advantage: Snapcaster Mage is renowned for its ability to turn a single card in your graveyard into an active threat or solution. By granting an instant or sorcery in your graveyard flashback until the end of the turn, it ensures you can make the most of your resources, potentially swinging the game in your favor with strategic recasting.

Resource Acceleration: While Snapcaster Mage doesn’t directly produce mana, it effectively accelerates your resources by unlocking your graveyard as an extension of your hand. This allows you to double-dip into your spell pool, using your graveyard as a toolbox to adapt swiftly to the evolving board state.

Instant Speed: The true power of Snapcaster Mage lies in its ability to operate at instant speed, providing an unmatched level of flexibility. You can wait to see your opponent’s move before deciding the best spell to flashback. This responsiveness not only disrupts your opponent’s strategy but also keeps them guessing, as any instant or sorcery with flashback immediately becomes a live option the moment Snapcaster Mage hits the battlefield.

Card Cons

Discard Requirement: While Snapcaster Mage doesn’t inherently require you to discard a card, to make full use of its ability, you’ll need a robust graveyard. This necessity can be a double-edged sword, particularly if your game strategy doesn’t consistently stock the graveyard with Instant or Sorcery cards, or if your opponent employs graveyard disruption.

Specific Mana Cost: Snapcaster Mage demands both specific colored mana and generic mana, with a total cost of one blue and one other mana. This investment restricts its accessibility, demanding both a sufficient supply of blue mana sources and a deck tuned to make immediate use of its flashback ability.

Comparatively High Mana Cost: While two mana might seem low, considering the meta and the quick pace a lot of matches take nowadays, deploying Snapcaster Mage without immediate and significant impact can be a setback. For decks that operate on thinner mana margins or aim for quicker plays without the setup for longer games, it may not always be the most mana-efficient way to recast an Instant or Sorcery from your graveyard.

Reasons to Include Snapcaster Mage in Your Collection

Versatility: Snapcaster Mage is a staple in formats such as Modern due to its ability to adapt to various play styles. This card can bring significant value to control, tempo, and even some aggressive strategies by providing an opportunity to reuse powerful instant and sorcery spells from your graveyard.

Combo Potential: With the right setup, Snapcaster Mage can be a key component in executing combos. Its synergy with a vast array of spells makes it an enabler for numerous two-card interactions, effectively doubling the impact of your most impactful spells.

Meta-Relevance: Snapcaster Mage has maintained its status as a meta-relevant card since it often dictates the pace of gameplay in competitive settings. Its presence in a deck ensures that you have access to your best spells at crucial moments, keeping you one step ahead of opponents in dynamic and ever-changing meta environments.

How to beat Snapcaster Mage

Snapcaster Mage presents a unique challenge in Magic: The Gathering, vastly known for its ability to give an instant or sorcery card in the graveyard a second life. To successfully tackle this powerful creature, players must strategize effectively. Targeted graveyard removal spells are particularly effective against Snapcaster Mage. By exiling key instant or sorcery cards before Snapcaster Mage can target them, you strip away its potential impact on the game.

Additionally, instant-speed removal spells that can be cast in response to Snapcaster Mage’s ability will ensure that it never gets the chance to flash back a spell. Counterspells also play a key role; if timed correctly, countering the triggered ability or the original flashbacked spell can neuter the threat posed. Another defensive tactic involves playing with exile effects or using cards that restrict casting from the graveyard, creating an environment where Snapcaster Mage’s abilities are significantly dampened.

Given these strategies, facing a Snapcaster Mage across the battlefield becomes less daunting. By keeping these tips in mind, players can plan and execute a game plan that keeps this formidable mage in check.

BurnMana Recommendations

As we have explored, Snapcaster Mage is a formidable asset in any MTG player’s arsenal, bestowing a second life to spells from the graveyard with strategic finesse. Its power to alter the tide of the game by recycling instant and sorcery cards cannot be overstated. If you are keen on optimizing your strategy, mastering the intricacies of this card could be key to your success. Embrace the challenge—inform your tactical decisions and refine your deck with Snapcaster Mage’s unique capabilities. For more insights and to enhance your gameplay with this iconic mage, dive deeper with us and continue your MTG journey.

Where to buy

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For a broader inventory, particularly of older sets, online marketplaces like TCGPlayer, Card Kingdom and Card Market offer extensive selections and allow you to search for cards from specific sets. Larger e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon also have listings from various sellers, which can be a good place to look for sealed product and rare finds.

Additionally, Magic’s official site often has a store locator and retailer lists for finding Wizards of the Coast licensed products. Remember to check for authenticity and the condition of the cards when purchasing, especially from individual sellers on larger marketplaces.

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The Snapcaster Mage Magic the Gathering card was released in 7 different sets between 2011-09-30 and 2023-03-21. Illustrated by 3 different artists.

12002-06-24Magic Online PromosPRM 596852015NormalBlackJoseph Meehan
22007-02-10Pro Tour PromosPPRO 20162015NormalBlackJoseph Meehan
32011-09-30InnistradISD 782003NormalBlackVolkan Baǵa
42017-03-17Modern Masters 2017MM3 502015NormalBlackRyan Alexander Lee
52018-12-07Ultimate MastersUMA 712015NormalBlackRyan Alexander Lee
62020-09-26The ListPLST ISD-782003NormalBlackVolkan Baǵa
72023-03-21Shadows of the PastSIS 232015NormalBlackVolkan Baǵa


Magic the Gathering formats where Snapcaster Mage has restrictions


Rules and information

The reference guide for Magic: The Gathering Snapcaster Mage card rulings provides official rulings, any errata issued, as well as a record of all the functional modifications that have occurred.

Date Text
2017-04-18 For split cards, the flashback cost you pay is determined by the half you cast
2018-12-07 If an instant or sorcery card in your graveyard already has flashback, you may use either flashback ability to cast it from your graveyard.
2018-12-07 If you cast a spell from a graveyard using its flashback ability, you can’t pay other alternative costs (such as that of Foil).
2018-12-07 If you cast an instant or sorcery with in its mana cost this way, you still choose the value of X as part of casting the spell and pay that cost.
2018-12-07 You may pay any optional additional costs the spell has, such as kicker costs. You must pay any mandatory additional costs the spell has, such as that of Tormenting Voice.
Flash card art

Guide to Flash card ability

Explore the dynamic Flash ability in Magic: The Gathering (MTG), a feature that allows you to cast spells at lightning speed, often leaving your opponents reeling and your strategy several steps ahead. This versatile ability can turn the tide of a game, providing the element of surprise and tactical advantage. It places a premium on timing and foresight, transforming an ordinary deck into a formidable arsenal of instant threats and responses.