Leonin Lightscribe MTG Card

Leonin Lightscribe’s magecraft skill amplifies allies’ power, effectively altering board states during combat. It combines well in decks focused on spells, optimizing impact from each instant and sorcery played. The card’s two-mana cost aligns with aggressive strategies, offering a potential early-game advantage.
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Mana cost
Converted mana cost2
TypeCreature — Cat Cleric
Abilities Magecraft
Power 2
Toughness 2

Text of card

Magecraft — Whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell, creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.

All who hear his inspiring words are filled with hope and pride.

Cards like Leonin Lightscribe

Leonin Lightscribe marks its presence in MTG with a unique flair that resonates with magecraft strategies. Standing in line with other creature spells that amplify spellcasting, such as Young Pyromancer, there’s a difference to be observed. While Young Pyromancer rewards casting with a red elemental creature token, Leonin Lightscribe elevates the concept by empowering your entire board with a temporary power boost for each instant or sorcery spell you cast.

Dreadhorde Arcanist is another creature that interacts favorably with spells. Both cards thrive within spell-heavy decks, but the Arcanist leans more towards reusability, casting spells from the graveyard directly, albeit with a lower power cap. Conversely, Leonin Lightscribe, rooted in white mana, distributes its effect more widely among your creatures, leaning towards a more expansive and formidable combat phase all at once.

Each of these creatures showcases its unique approach to leveraging spells. While they share thematic similarities, Leonin Lightscribe is distinct in its mass buff ability, making it particularly conducive to strategies that aim to swarm and overpower opponents quickly within MTG’s dynamic play environment.

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Decks using this card

MTG decks using Leonin Lightscribe. Dig deeper into the strategy of decks, sideboard cards, list ideas and export to play in ARENA or MOL.

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Card Pros

Card Advantage: Playing Leonin Lightscribe can swiftly turn the tide of a game by amplifying the effectiveness of each spell you cast. This multiplier effect enables you to extract more value from each card, often generating substantial card advantage over your adversary.

Resource Acceleration: Although Leonin Lightscribe itself doesn’t directly generate mana, it accelerates your game plan by increasing the damage output of your creatures, allowing you to apply pressure and close out games more quickly.

Instant Speed: Leonin Lightscribe’s Magecraft ability triggers at instant speed, meaning any instant or sorcery you cast can suddenly buff your entire team. This versatility provides the strategic advantage of unexpectedly bolstering your creatures, often catching opponents unprepared during combat or in response to their actions.

Card Cons

Discard Requirement: The Leonin Lightscribe may not explicitly require discarding as part of its immediate effect, but in a Magecraft-centric deck where you want to maximize spells cast, you might deplete your hand more quickly, leaving you with fewer options on subsequent turns.

Specific Mana Cost: This card demands a precise mana arrangement of one white and one generic, which might not always align with a multicolor deck’s mana base, potentially causing delays or hindering your ability to play other spells alongside it with the right timing.

Comparatively High Mana Cost: While two mana isn’t exorbitant, when you consider the investment needed to optimize the Magecraft ability with a critical mass of instants and sorceries, the overall mana cost invested throughout a game can escalate. Other creatures might provide immediate impact or have inherently stronger abilities without the reliance on additional spell casting.

Reasons to Include in Your Collection

Versatility: Leonin Lightscribe has a flexible role in multiple deck archetypes, making it a solid pick for both aggressive and spell-heavy strategies. Its ability to boost other creatures’ power whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell ensures that it can easily adapt to changing game states.

Combo Potential: As a creature that benefits from casting noncreature spells, Leonin Lightscribe offers significant combo potential. It can amplify the effects of cheap spells, leading to explosive turns that can swing the game in your favor.

Meta-Relevance: With its adequate power level and synergy with spell-slinging decks, Leonin Lightscribe remains a relevant choice in various metagames. In environments where prowess-like effects are powerful, this card can be an excellent inclusion to gain an edge over the competition.

How to beat

Leonin Lightscribe is a unique challenge on the battlefield, emerging as a formidable force in Magecraft-focused decks within Magic: The Gathering. Understanding its ability to empower other creatures whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell is key to formulating a successful strategy against it. This creature becomes a priority target as it can quickly escalate the power of its allies, leading to overwhelming force.

Effective tactics include removal spells to neutralize it before the magecraft ability can be significantly utilized. Spot removal spells like Fatal Push or Heartless Act are highly efficient against it, especially when timed right before a significant spell chain is initiated. Another method is to mitigate its influence by containing opponents’ spell-slinging capabilities, using counterspells or hand disruption to limit their actions. Ensnaring the Lightscribe in a well-planned web of counters and removals is essential to prevent the cascade of buffs it can potentially bestow upon its companions on the field.

In essence, staying one step ahead of the Leonin Lightscribe is a delicate dance, requiring foresight and precision to maintain control of the game. By keeping its magecraft ability in check, you’ll be better positioned to lead the match towards victory.

BurnMana Recommendations

Understanding the subtleties of Leonin Lightscribe can significantly bolster your MTG gameplay, offering both a challenge and an opportunity to refine your deck-building skills. Whether it’s harnessing the raw power of magecraft or countering this agile adversary, every match is a chance to enhance your strategic approach. Embrace the versatility, combo potential, and meta relevance of Leonin Lightscribe in your collection to seize the advantage in combat and outwit your opponents. Still seeking to perfect your strategy with this pivotal card? Join us for more insights and strategies to ensure your deck is a cut above the rest.

Where to buy

If you're looking to purchase Leonin Lightscribe MTG card by a specific set like Magic Online Promos and Strixhaven: School of Mages, there are several reliable options to consider. One of the primary sources is your local game store, where you can often find booster packs, individual cards, and preconstructed decks from current and some past sets. They often offer the added benefit of a community where you can trade with other players.

For a broader inventory, particularly of older sets, online marketplaces like TCGPlayer, Card Kingdom and Card Market offer extensive selections and allow you to search for cards from specific sets. Larger e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon also have listings from various sellers, which can be a good place to look for sealed product and rare finds.

Additionally, Magic’s official site often has a store locator and retailer lists for finding Wizards of the Coast licensed products. Remember to check for authenticity and the condition of the cards when purchasing, especially from individual sellers on larger marketplaces.

Below is a list of some store websites where you can buy the Leonin Lightscribe and other MTG cards:

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The Leonin Lightscribe Magic the Gathering card was released in 4 different sets between 2021-04-23 and 2021-04-24. Illustrated by Steven Belledin.

12002-06-24Magic Online PromosPRM 899742015NormalBlackSteven Belledin
22021-04-23Strixhaven: School of MagesSTX 202015NormalBlackSteven Belledin
32021-04-23Strixhaven Art SeriesASTX 3s2015Art seriesBorderlessSteven Belledin
42021-04-23Strixhaven Art SeriesASTX 32015Art seriesBorderlessSteven Belledin
52021-04-23Strixhaven: School of MagesSTX 2902015NormalBlackSteven Belledin
62021-04-24Strixhaven: School of Mages PromosPSTX 20s2015NormalBlackSteven Belledin
72021-04-24Strixhaven: School of Mages PromosPSTX 20p2015NormalBlackSteven Belledin


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Rules and information

The reference guide for Magic: The Gathering Leonin Lightscribe card rulings provides official rulings, any errata issued, as well as a record of all the functional modifications that have occurred.

Date Text
2021-04-16 Each magecraft ability has a different effect, although they all have the same trigger condition, whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell.
2021-04-16 For example, if you control Archmage Emeritus and cast an instant or sorcery spell, Archmage Emeritus’s magecraft ability will trigger and you will draw a card.
2021-04-16 If an effect creates a copy of an instant or sorcery spell, this will also cause the magecraft ability to trigger.
2021-04-16 If an effect creates multiple copies of an instant or sorcery spell, magecraft abilities trigger once for each copy created by the effect.
2021-04-16 Some effects instruct you to copy an instant or sorcery card in a zone other than the stack. These copies do not cause magecraft abilities to trigger. However, most effects that do this also allow you to cast the copy, and casting the copy will cause magecraft abilities to trigger.