Sete Anões (Seven Dwarves)

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Carta Sete Anões/Seven Dwarves de Magic the Gathering
Imagem ilustrativa

Trono de Eldraine

#141 - Comum

Creature — Dwarf

Seven Dwarves gets +1/+1 for each other creature named Seven Dwarves you control. A deck can have up to seven cards named Seven Dwarves.


Ilustrado por Jason Rainville

Brawl Válida
Commander Válida
Frontier Inválida
Legacy Válida
Modern Válida
Pauper Válida
Penny Válida
Pioneer Válida
Standard Válida
Vintage Válida

Anotações e informações de regras para Seven Dwarves


Because damage remains marked on a creature until the damage is removed as the turn ends, nonlethal damage dealt to one Seven Dwarves may become lethal if another Seven Dwarves you control leaves the battlefield during that turn.


The last ability of Seven Dwarves lets you ignore the “four-of” rule. It doesn’t let you ignore format legality. For example, during a Throne of Eldraine Limited event, you can’t add Seven Dwarves from your personal collection, no matter how happy they would be.


If you’re fortunate enough to open or draft eight or more Seven Dwarves during a Limited event, you can include only seven of them in your deck. The rest remain in your sideboard.