Kinnan, Vinculador Prodígio (Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy)

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Carta Kinnan, Vinculador Prodígio/Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy de Magic the Gathering
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Ikoria: Terra dos Colossos

#192 - Nenhum

Legendary Creature — Human Druid

Whenever you tap a nonland permanent for mana, add one mana of any type that permanent produced. {5}{G}{U}: Look at the top five cards of your library. You may put a non-Human creature card from among them onto the battlefield. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.


Ilustrado por Jason Rainville

Brawl Válida
Commander Válida
Frontier Inválida
Legacy Válida
Modern Válida
Pauper Inválida
Penny Inválida
Pioneer Válida
Standard Válida
Vintage Válida

Anotações e informações de regras para Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy


You’re “tapping a permanent for mana” only if you’re activating a mana ability of that permanent that includes the {T} symbol in its cost. A mana ability produces mana as part of its effect.


The types of mana are white, blue, black, red, green, and colorless.


The additional mana is produced by Kinnan, not by the nonland permanent that you tapped for mana.


Kinnan doesn’t care about any restrictions or riders the nonland permanent put on the mana it produced. The additional mana Kinnan produces won’t have any restrictions or riders.