Sharuum the Hegemon MTG Card

Sharuum offers card advantage by reanimating artifacts directly onto the battlefield. Essential for combos, it interacts well with specific other artifacts for game-winning plays. Despite a high mana cost, its ability to impact the board state is significant.
Card setsReleased in 6 setsSee all
Mana cost
Converted mana cost6
TypeLegendary Artifact Creature — Sphinx
Abilities Flying
Power 5
Toughness 5

Text of card

Flying When Sharuum the Hegemon comes into play, you may return target artifact card from your graveyard to play.

To gain audience with the hegemon, one must bring a riddle she has not heard.

Cards like Sharuum the Hegemon

Sharuum the Hegemon holds a prestigious position in Magic: The Gathering as an artifact-centric commander in the Esper colors. When looking at cards with a comparable impact, Sphinx Summoner comes to mind as it also allows fetching an artifact creature from the deck when it enters the battlefield. While Sphinx Summoner’s ability is narrower, given that Sharuum can also resurrect an artifact from the graveyard, the summoner is lower in mana cost and can help streamline an artifact-based deck.

Another card that echoes Sharuum’s resurrection theme is Hanna, Ship’s Navigator. Hanna allows repeated retrieval of an artifact or enchantment from the graveyard to your hand each turn. However, unlike Sharuum, Hanna’s ability doesn’t put the artifact directly onto the battlefield, demanding an extra step to play the card again. Both commanders excel in long-term value generation but have distinct playstyles.

Evaluating these similar cards highlights Sharuum the Hegemon’s unique position in MTG as a linchpin for artifact synergy and recursion. Its solid body and ability to immediately affect the board with artifact reanimation make it a standout choice for players who value immediate impact combined with strategic long-term benefits.

Sphinx Summoner - MTG Card versions
Hanna, Ship's Navigator - MTG Card versions
Sphinx Summoner - MTG Card versions
Hanna, Ship's Navigator - MTG Card versions

Card Pros

Card Advantage: Sharuum the Hegemon shines in decks that focus on synergies with artifacts, as it can bring back any artifact card from your graveyard straight to the battlefield. This inherent ability to recur high-value artifacts can tilt the scales in your favor, maintaining a solid grip on the game with robust card presence.

Resource Acceleration: This legendary sphinx plays a critical role in artifact-based combo decks, often enabling a sequence of plays that can lead to an overwhelming board state. By reanimating key artifacts, Sharuum facilitates a form of resource acceleration that is less about producing mana and more about maximizing the potential of the artifacts in your graveyard.

Instant Speed: While Sharuum itself does not operate at instant speed, it does often interact favorably with cards that do. Its triggered ability allows players to respond to graveyard disruption or capitalize on end-of-turn plays, setting the stage for explosive turns that can quickly end the game in your favor.

Card Cons

Discard Requirement: Sharuum the Hegemon necessitates tuning your playstyle around its unique ability, often leading to discarding other valuable cards from your hand to optimize graveyard synergies. This could leave you at a disadvantage if your hand is already depleted.

Specific Mana Cost: Sharuum requires a precise mana alignment to be played—two generic, one white, one blue, and one black mana. This specific cost can be cumbersome for multicolored decks and may limit its inclusion to strictly Esper-themed decks.

Comparatively High Mana Cost: With a casting cost of six mana, Sharuum the Hegemon is a significant investment. There are many other options in the card pool that may provide a more immediate impact on the battlefield or that are more cost-effective for artifact recursion.

Reasons to Include in Your Collection

Versatility: Sharuum the Hegemon boasts flexibility as it seamlessly integrates into artifact-based decks. Its ability to resurrect artifacts from the graveyard makes it a powerful tool in strategies that recycle or manipulate artifact synergies.

Combo Potential: This card is well-known for its combination possibilities, especially in conjunction with cards like ‘Phyrexian Metamorph’ or ‘Sculpting Steel’ to create infinite loops that can ultimately win the game on the spot if left unchecked.

Meta-Relevance: In environments where graveyard interaction is vital, Sharuum’s ability to reanimate powerful artifacts gives it a solid stance. Its influence is noted in competitive circles, making it a staple in certain ‘Eternal’ format circles and an asset against numerous popular strategies.

How to beat

The allure of Sharuum the Hegemon lies in its potent ability to resurrect artifact cards from the graveyard, positioning it as a formidable Commander in MTG. Facing a deck hinging on Sharuum’s synergy requires a strategic game plan. Graveyard disruption becomes essential, calling for cards like Bojuka Bog or effects such as Leyline of the Void to halt the reanimation cycle. It’s also wise to manage board states through removal spells capable of reaching into the graveyard, such as Path to Exile or Anguished Unmaking, to neutralize Sharuum before she can leverage her ability.

One should not overlook the necessity of countering combos, which are often pivotal for a Sharuum player. A timely Counterspell or a Thoughtseize can dismantle a combo pattern before it comes to fruition. Ensuring control over artifact synergy is crucial, and employing Stony Silence or similar effects can break the backbone of the automatons that Sharuum seeks to command. It’s a duel of wits and strategy, where disrupting the graveyard and interrupting pivotal plays are key to victory against the might of Sharuum the Hegemon.

In sum, the secret to success against Sharuum decks is preparation and control. A keen sense of timing and a deck equipped with precise answers to the unique challenges Sharuum presents can secure your place as the conqueror of this MTG heavyweight.

BurnMana Recommendations

Mastering the art of MTG involves much more than understanding individual cards; it’s about recognizing their potential within the vast world of strategies available. Sharuum the Hegemon is no exception, presenting a powerful option for artifact-centric gameplay and synergistic combos that can define the outcome of a match. If Sharuum has sparked your interest, indulge in the strategic depth it offers. Dive deeper into the world of artifacts, combos, and Esper-colored decks with us. We’re here to guide and enhance your journey in MTG, ensuring each step you take is a step toward becoming a formidable player. Explore more with us and let Sharuum the Hegemon elevate your game to new heights.

Where to buy

If you're looking to purchase Sharuum the Hegemon MTG card by a specific set like Shards of Alara and From the Vault: Legends, there are several reliable options to consider. One of the primary sources is your local game store, where you can often find booster packs, individual cards, and preconstructed decks from current and some past sets. They often offer the added benefit of a community where you can trade with other players.

For a broader inventory, particularly of older sets, online marketplaces like TCGPlayer, Card Kingdom and Card Market offer extensive selections and allow you to search for cards from specific sets. Larger e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon also have listings from various sellers, which can be a good place to look for sealed product and rare finds.

Additionally, Magic’s official site often has a store locator and retailer lists for finding Wizards of the Coast licensed products. Remember to check for authenticity and the condition of the cards when purchasing, especially from individual sellers on larger marketplaces.

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The Sharuum the Hegemon Magic the Gathering card was released in 6 different sets between 2008-10-03 and 2022-11-18. Illustrated by 2 different artists.

12008-10-03Shards of AlaraALA 1942003NormalBlackIzzy
22011-08-26From the Vault: LegendsV11 112003NormalBlackTodd Lockwood
32013-11-01Commander 2013C13 2122003NormalBlackIzzy
42016-11-11Commander 2016C16 2212015NormalBlackIzzy
52020-08-07Double Masters2XM 2192015NormalBlackIzzy
62022-11-18The Brothers' War CommanderBRC 1281997NormalBlackIzzy


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Rules and information

The reference guide for Magic: The Gathering Sharuum the Hegemon card rulings provides official rulings, any errata issued, as well as a record of all the functional modifications that have occurred.

Date Text
2020-08-07 If Sharuum the Hegemon is put into your graveyard as a state-based action immediately after Sharuum the Hegemon enters the battlefield (most likely due to the “legend rule”) it can be the artifact card targeted by its own ability.