Hustle // Bustle MTG Card

Hustle // Bustle provides card advantage, increasing draw options and synergizing with token strategies. It serves as a resource accelerator via artifact tokens, aiding mana-intensive deck builds. Can be cast at instant speed, allowing for tactical responses to evolving game states.
Hustle // Bustle - Murders at Karlov Manor
Mana cost
Converted mana cost7
Set symbol
Set nameMurders at Karlov Manor
Set codeMKM
Illustred byValera Lutfullina

Text of card

Creatures you control get +2/+2 and gain trample until end of turn. You may turn a creature you control face up.

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Hustle // Bustle is a dynamic spell in the realm of modal double-faced cards. It presents a flexible choice similar to the likes of other Magic: The Gathering modal spells. For instance, Fire // Ice offers a similar dichotomy of options, providing either direct damage or a card drawing mechanism. However, Hustle // Bustle differs with its unique combination of actions – a quickening of your own board state or a chaotic rearrangement of the game’s pace.

Comparably, there’s another card, Consecrate // Consume. This spell also gives players an option to choose between two contrasting effects. It allows for graveyard interaction or a method to deal with larger creatures. Although Hustle // Bustle doesn’t interact with the graveyard or specifically target creatures, it still presents an on-the-spot tactical choice fueled by its versatile utility.

Assessing the utility of Hustle // Bustle amidst these similar cards, it holds a distinctive spot. Its variability caters to instantaneous development or a pivotal disruption, situating it as a potentially advantageous card in any Magic: The Gathering player’s arsenal, especially when unpredictability and adaptability are key to overcoming an opponent.

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Card Pros

Card Advantage: Hustle // Bustle can put its controller ahead in the game by generating card advantage. In its Bustle mode, it creates two 1/1 creature tokens with lifelink, effectively offering additional draw options in decks that synergize with token generation or lifegain strategies.

Resource Acceleration: When played for its Hustle side, this versatile card can be a crux for resource acceleration. By supplying two artifact tokens that can be tapped or sacrificed for mana, it provides instant value and can catapult you ahead in resource availability, perfect for decks that thrive on artifacts or treasure tokens.

Instant Speed: The flexibility of casting Hustle // Bustle at instant speed cannot be overstated. This allows savvy players to tailor their response to the developing board state during either their own turn or in reaction to an opponent’s moves, maximizing the potential for both presenting a surprise block with lifelink tokens or ramping up resources when most opportune.

Card Cons

Discard Requirement: Hustle // Bustle requires you to discard a card to activate its effect. This can be cumbersome when you’re already down in card advantage or need all the cards in your hand to execute your strategy effectively.

Specific Mana Cost: Hustle // Bustle requires a specific mana combination to cast. This can sometimes restrict deck-building options and make the card a less flexible choice for players not running an energy-themed or artifact-heavy deck.

Comparatively High Mana Cost: With a mana cost that’s on the higher side, Hustle // Bustle might not be the most efficient play for its end result. Players will often find other cards that provide similar benefits without the steep investment or restrictive conditions.

Reasons to Include Hustle // Bustle in Your Collection

Versatility: Hustle // Bustle is a card that seamlessly adapts to numerous deck strategies, with its ability to either speed up your game plan or provide disruption depending on which half you cast.

Combo Potential: The Hustle side can create unexpected synergies by enabling creature combos faster, while Bustle can disrupt opponent plays, complementing a strategy that requires precise timing.

Meta-Relevance: Given its dual nature, Hustle // Bustle is relevant in a variety of metagames, shining in environments where flexibility and adaptability are key to outmaneuvering opponents.

How to Beat

Hustle // Bustle is a unique card in Magic: The Gathering, providing dual options to players within a single card. As versatile as it is, defeating a strategy that includes Hustle // Bustle involves disrupting the momentum it could provide. The Hustle side can accelerate an opponent’s board presence by granting haste to new creatures. On the other side, Bustle can be a surprise finisher by strengthening a large swarm of tokens.

To effectively counter this card, one must consider removals or counterspells that can target Hustle // Bustle when it’s cast. Control decks that can manage the pace of the game and remove creatures before Hustle grants them haste have a better chance at maintaining dominance. Additionally, board wipes can be pivotal in dealing with the aftermath of a Bustle play, efficiently clearing out the buffed tokens and restoring balance to the battlefield.

Overall, it’s about anticipating an opponent’s plays and keeping a hand ready to address either side of this dual-faceted card. Timed correctly, your responses can negate Hustle // Bustle’s potential impact and keep you in a commanding position throughout the game.

Where to buy

If you're looking to purchase Hustle // Bustle MTG card by a specific set like Murders at Karlov Manor, there are several reliable options to consider. One of the primary sources is your local game store, where you can often find booster packs, individual cards, and preconstructed decks from current and some past sets. They often offer the added benefit of a community where you can trade with other players.

For a broader inventory, particularly of older sets, online marketplaces like TCGPlayer, Card Kingdom and Card Market offer extensive selections and allow you to search for cards from specific sets. Larger e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon also have listings from various sellers, which can be a good place to look for sealed product and rare finds.

Additionally, Magic’s official site often has a store locator and retailer lists for finding Wizards of the Coast licensed products. Remember to check for authenticity and the condition of the cards when purchasing, especially from individual sellers on larger marketplaces.

Below is a list of some store websites where you can buy the Hustle // Bustle and other MTG cards:

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