Hospitalidade de Oko (Oko's Hospitality)

Informações da MTG card

Carta Hospitalidade de Oko/Oko's Hospitality de Magic the Gathering
Imagem ilustrativa

Trono de Eldraine

#312 - Rara


Creatures you control have base power and toughness 3/3 until end of turn. You may search your library and/or graveyard for a card named Oko, the Trickster, reveal it, and put it into your hand. If you search your library this way, shuffle it.

Ilustrado por Deruchenko Alexander

Brawl Válida
Commander Válida
Frontier Inválida
Legacy Válida
Modern Válida
Pauper Inválida
Penny Inválida
Pioneer Válida
Standard Válida
Vintage Válida

Anotações e informações de regras para Oko's Hospitality


You may cast Oko’s Hospitality even if you control no creatures. You’ll just search for Oko, the Trickster.


Oko’s Hospitality overwrites all previous effects that set the creatures’ base power and toughness to specific values. Any power- or toughness-setting effects that start to apply after Oko’s Hospitality resolves will overwrite this effect.


Effects that modify a creature’s power and/or toughness, such as the effect of Festive Funeral, will apply to the creature no matter when they started to take effect. The same is true for any counters that change its power and/or toughness.