Embereth Skyblazer (Embereth Skyblazer)

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Carta Embereth Skyblazer/Embereth Skyblazer de Magic the Gathering
Imagem ilustrativa

Trono de Eldraine

#321 - Rara

Creature — Human Knight

As long as it's your turn, Embereth Skyblazer has flying. Whenever Embereth Skyblazer attacks, you may pay {2}{R}. If you do, creatures you control get +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is the number of opponents you have.


Ilustrado por Daarken

Brawl Válida
Commander Válida
Frontier Inválida
Legacy Válida
Modern Válida
Pauper Inválida
Penny Inválida
Pioneer Válida
Standard Válida
Vintage Válida

Anotações e informações de regras para Embereth Skyblazer


While resolving Embereth Skyblazer’s triggered ability, you can’t pay {2}{R} multiple times to increase the bonus.


The value of X is determined only as Embereth Skyblazer’s triggered ability resolves. It doesn’t change later in the turn if opponents leave the game.


In a multiplayer game, opponents who have left the game before the ability resolves aren’t counted by Embereth Skyblazer’s triggered ability.