Bruxa da Poção Pantanosa (Bogbrew Witch)

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Carta Bruxa da Poção Pantanosa/Bogbrew Witch de Magic the Gathering
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#211 - Rara

Creature — Human Wizard

{2}, {T}: Search your library for a card named Festering Newt or Bubbling Cauldron, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.


Ilustrado por Eric Deschamps

Brawl Inválida
Commander Válida
Frontier Inválida
Legacy Válida
Modern Válida
Pauper Inválida
Penny Válida
Pioneer Válida
Standard Inválida
Vintage Válida

Anotações e informações de regras para Bogbrew Witch


You don’t have to declare which card you’re searching for when you activate Bogbrew Witch’s ability. You may find either while you’re searching.