Cartas lançadas na expansão Face the Hydra

  • 19/10/2013
  • TFTH
  • 15 cartas
  • Theros

Disorienting Glower

Players can't cast spells until the Hydra's next turn.

Distract the Hydra

Each player may sacrifice a creature. Each player who sacrificed a creature this way chooses a Head and taps it. Each player who didn't sacrifice a creature loses 3 life.

Grown from the Stump

Place exactly two cards named Hydra Head onto the battlefield from the Hydra's graveyard. If you can't, reveal cards from the top of the Hydra's library until you reveal a Head card. Put that card onto the battlefield and the rest into the Hydra's graveyard.

Hydra's Impenetrable Hide

Each head gains indestructible until the end of the Hydra's next turn.

Neck Tangle

If there are five or more Heads on the battlefield, tap two of them and they don't untap during the Hydra's next untap step. Otherwise, reveal the top card of the Hydra's library and the Hydra casts that card.

Noxious Hydra Breath

Choose one — Noxious Hydra Breath deals 5 damage to each player; or destroy each tapped non-Head creature.

Strike the Weak Spot

Destroy target Head. If that Head was elite, the Hydra takes an extra turn after this one.

Swallow the Hero Whole

Each player exiles a creature they control. Until the Hydra's next turn, when a Head leaves the battlefield, return the exiled cards to the battlefield under their owners' control.

Torn Between Heads

Tap up to two Heads. They don't untap during the Hydra's next untap step. Torn Between Heads deals 5 damage to each player.

Unified Lunge

Unified Lunge deals X damage to each player, where X is the number of Heads on the battlefield.

Tokens 5 cartas
Hydra Head
Ravenous Brute Head
Savage Vigor Head
Shrieking Titan Head
Snapping Fang Head